Rasmus Brønnum writes about the seminar "The New Wave In Danish Architecture"

If you are one of the many who has already bought and read the book “The new wave in Danish architecture” but didn’t have the opportunity of participating in September’s seminar arranged by the editors Kristoffer Lindhardt Weiss and Kjeld Windum from each of the two Danish architecture schools, your agony ends here.
On the 27th of September the Architecture Publishing House and the Architecture School in Aarhus held a larger seminar where I was fast on the trigger with my tiny amateur camera. In spite of the room being almost blackout, I ended up with a fine result which in many ways is an important documentation and addition to the books already interesting content.
Summary: It’s obviously going quite well for the generation of young architects who broke through in the 00’s. Foreign commentators talk of “The Danish School” when referring to studios such as ADEPT, BIG, COBE, EFFEKT, JAJA, JDS, KOLLISION, NORD, POLYFORM, SLETH, TRANSFORM and WE. But what characterizes them? Is it merely a stylistic similarity or a designation of the new mainstream in Danish architecture? Do the critics hit the nail when accusing the generation of pure optimism, the absence of material sensibility and interest of context? Where does the wave go? Is there a general social ambition at stake in architecture? What does the future look like?