Other Services

Client consultancy

During the past two years we have expanded our field of study to include client consulting for private families, owners and cooperative associations. We have a varied field of smaller assignments ranging from construction management on maintenance operations to advising families who have recently bought a house. In this work we have a high level of focus on building legislations, a transparent and responsible economical frame as well as client reassurance.

As part of our staff we have an architect whose main competences lies within project planning, construction management and professional supervision with a focus on coherency between planning, architecture, logistics, engineering and economy. Previous employments have covered urban planning consultancy for the Ministry of Environment and a position in a construction company.
Purchase review

Purchase review

When doing purchase reviewing we undergo the property with you. You get the opportunity to ask questions about specific damages and future maintenance. We can explain and fill out the status report thereby giving you the optimal technical background when deciding about the purchase. Furthermore we can evaluate the possibility of potential plans of rebuilding or modernization as well as assist in realizing these through regular architectural consulting.